When I found out Dr. Kevin O’Neal was opening his own practice, I had no hesitation to follow him as a patient. We all know the feeling we experience when a sudden and unexpected medical emergency happens to ourselves or a family member. Our only priority at that time is getting immediate care and attention. We rush to a hospital emergency room expecting everyone to care and all we end up experiencing is what seems to be a lack of concern for what is the most important sense of urgency in our life at that moment and instead of concern all we receive is instructions to sit impatiently in a waiting room. It’s like taking a number at the deli counter and rather then being treated like a person with a name, we become that number, waiting to hear our number called. Many times throughout my live I’ve been faced with that situation either for myself or a loved one and I lost my faith in ever finding a Medical Professional or facility that cared.

Dr. Kevin O’Neal restored my faith, and I will always remain grateful to him. I was foolishly working late in the dark of night, under spotlights trying to complete a deck I was building in my yard, when the sudden and unexpected happened. While hammering a nail, the hammer slipped and the nail ricocheted and struck me in the eye. I went into immediate panic. I began to loose my site. The only thing I could think of was to call my personal eye doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Neal, just to let him know I was on my way to the emergency room. His service answered and said they would relay the message to him. To my amazement, within minutes, as I was on my way out of the door, my phone rang and it was Dr. O’Neal himself, personally returning my call at 10PM in the evening. By now I had completely lost vision out of my right eye and thought I was going to be permanently blind in that eye. Dr O’Neal comforted me on the phone with his words and told me he would be waiting for me to arrive at the hospital. He was there when I arrived and I was given IMMEDIATE treatment because of him. I did not have to wait my turn. He performed emergency surgery that evening and restored my vision and saved my eye. I can honestly say I have never felt more fear in my lifetime than that night with the fear of losing my vision.

I owe my ability to see clearly through both my eyes today to Dr. Kevin O’Neal. Having no obligation to do so, he left the comfort of his family and the comfort of his home immediately that evening for me. Until then, I thought as it seemed with all doctors that I was just another patient, that in his case, would see me once every two years for an eye exam. Very few people can say the same about their personal doctors. If you have any reservations about choosing the right Eye Doctor to trust your vision to and you are reading this and want to keep reading for a long time. what better testimonial will you ever expect to find to convince you, you found him. Dr. Kevin O’Neal has a proven he has compassion and cares beyond his normal obligations. My story is proof Dr. Kevin O’Neal is the eye doctor you can trust your continued vision in the future to.



I recently had occasion to meet Dr. O’Neal, under rather inauspicious circumstances.  While performing a home improvement project, I sustained a fairly serious injury to my left eye, requiring a visit to the emergency room.  Fortunately for me and for the future of that eye, Dr. O’Neal was on call that day.  His swift care, attention, and great competence resulted in the best possible outcome in an otherwise doubtful situation.  Moreover, his obvious concern for my well-being and clear explanation of the circumstances attendant to the injury (I, being a layman) allowed a scary situation to feel less so.  He has a new patient in me and my family, and I couldn’t more enthusiastically recommend him to anyone in search of a great eye-care provider.